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Social infertility and IVF as a single woman

29 Jul 2018

So, my test results weren't exactly what I was expecting.

The Tuesday after my tubal patency test, I found myself again sitting in my specialist's office feeling anxious.  Wringing my hands as I waited for her to arrive, I wondered whether my test results would show that my fertility was good, or whe...

8 Jul 2018

Okay folks.  Here is where what you're going to read is going to start erring on the TMI side.  This is your heads up.  If you're not okay with me talking about cervixes and ovaries and all the bits of this story that see me wearing a surgical gown and no underpants, this is your last chance to turn...

24 Jun 2018

That's the official medical diagnosis typically given to single women and same sex couples in Australia who are trying to conceive.

As opposed to heterosexual couples who may have difficulty conceiving for some actual medical reason, single women and same sex couples are labelled as being infertile f...

3 Jun 2018

I somehow always knew that marriage and partnership weren't going to be for me.

Even as a young person, I was socially awkward, a bit weird, and not very popular.  I wanted to fit in but never quite managed to, and I never wanted it badly enough to pretend to be something I wasn't.  I was bookish, sm...

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